Reaching Your Performance Goals

Our blended learning solutions include systematic choices derived from your curriculum learning objectives and organizational goals. Our developers work out the media strategies for learning modalities, which include effective elearning interactions, gamification of critical content, and elaborate learning and performance interventions.

Multimedia elearning offers trade-offs between animated and interactive learning content. Efficient content display interactions are created for facts, concepts, principles, and procedures. These are backed with effective learning practice and guidance interactions with Recall-Use-Find goals.  Instructional designers weave in response-specific feedback and learning opportunities to scaffold the learning interactions. Finally, assessments are designed to map to the desired level of learning and performance as per Bloom’s taxonomy.

elearning company instructional design and learning content approach

Add Exploratory and Immersive Learning
to Your Training

Exploration is the heart of any self-learning experience. Learning content when visualized as concrete images becomes a learning environment. Instructional designers work with your subject, industry, and domain objectives to create immersive environments that enhance exploratory experiences.

From problem solving settings to scenario-based learning, our designers create a canvas of interactions. Performance errors are capitalized as learning opportunities and remedial feedback is scripted as part of the story or learning environment. Human factor interaction principles are used to create touch, drag, or place opportunities. These allow the learners to interact with concrete images and manipulate objects further adding to the immersive nature of our elearning design and development.

elearning interactive design human factor interaction

at Workplace

Harness addictive gaming habits to create reiterative but fun learning of mission critical learning goals. Our gamification experts will embed your organizational goals into keep-on-playing games.
No bubble-bursting or bird-crashing games; our designers work with your specific industry domain to design game constraints, chance guidance, learning incentives, and learn-as-you-play opportunities.

elearning gamification design for workplace serious games

For Your Preferred
Tool and Platform

We work with all elearning industry’s well-accepted elearning development softwares and rapid authoring tools. Our team specializes in creating quality HTML5 mobile-friendly elearning using your preferred elearning authoring tool.

Our elearning developers are attested as experts in industry favorite tools such as Articulate, Storyline, Captivate, and the Adobe elearning suite. As advanced users, expect our team to pull off designs, which are thought impossible in these tools. Our elearning development team exploits custom-design possibilities that make elearning created using these tools perform beyond their usual low-interactivity designs.

And yes, we work within our ADDIE, SAM, and Agile development method philosophies.

Plan Elearning Assessments

Bring fun to
the classroom

Work with expert teams to transform face-to-face classroom or instructor-led training sessions to well-crafted multi-modal sessions.  Move from use of traditional instructor-learner interaction to greater learner-learner or learner-environment interaction opportunities to provide instructor feedback.  Integrate quizzes, role plays, group discussions, paired activities, and fun exercises in your program.

Instructional designers help you transition your traditional workshop to the virtual classroom using webinars and interaction tools available within platforms such as GoToMeeting or Webex. Interactions guidelines help seamlessly conduct interactive virtual sessions by innovatively using the chat function,  audience polls, whiteboard flipcharts, annotations, and even role-plays enacted by participants. Rest assured to reap the real logistical and cost benefits for going virtual without compromising interaction.

Accurately Assess

Moving to the elearning platform involves a challenge of accurately tracking assessment performance. Our designers will redirect your pencil-paper tests or design new ones to test the most accurate cognitive faculty and interaction modality. The same assessment can often be designed into many different formats: single choice, multiple choice, matching, sorting, sequencing, and free-form supply type answer.

Rely on our designers to map the assessment item level to learning objectives. Instructional designers leverage their knowledge of Bloom’s taxonomy of performance and Mager’s performance-based learning objectives to frame the most accurate assessment items. The structure and sequence of the assessment items is framed as per the hierarchy of learning objectives.

Validity of Elearning Assessments


Reach out to
global workforce
and customer

Leverage our seamless product development and work with trusted and preferred partners for translation services. You can also convert old legacy content to newer HTML5 interactive version and go mobile.

Expert designers develop elearning to suit localization requirements using various export-import platforms to seamlessly create multiple-language versions of the same product. We will help you achieve your learning goals across geographies.