Introduce Gamification at Workplace

Elearning assessments and quizzes have always had the score, randomization, and a timer. Well? What if: not every challenge or question is scored similarly, if your scoring pattern affected the challenges, if inappropriate responses affected more than just the score, if you had help which cost you but kept you in the game, if there were lucky windfall, if there were opponents who behaved erratically or precisely, if there are hidden hints to capitalize on, if you needed to be aware of your performance as you ventured, if…. AND, with all these, learning would happen better than ever.
Our gamification solutions are specifically focused on your learning objectives and performance goals. Our game design is deeply embedded in the learner’s work and performance environment. Expect our designers to be aware of behavioristic and cognitive psychology as they design instructional games.

Did you know that the average
American spends about 162 minuntes
on the phone everyday and spends
about a third of it playing games?