Interactive Learning Content

Any training content (in itself) never achieves performance goals. How do learners interact with your training content, the cognitive learning involved, the motivational drivers, and opportunities to perform or practice, and learning guidance or feedback, all impact performance.
Our instructional designers evaluate your training content to assess its adequacy to meet learning objectives. By structured interaction with SMEs, designers close the learning gaps. Our designers and developers help fortify your learning resources by supplementing definitions with typical examples. Interaction designers use divergent ranges of examples to create practice opportunities. Personalized response-specific feedback helps create unique learning experiences for your learners.

Blended Learning Content

Our designers will always ask the question: “Where and how does learning and performance happen the best?”

Our blended learning solutions derive themselves from your training problems: elearning – its sequence, duration, interactive level, infographic content, audio-video enrichment and the classroom – its sequence, duration, virtual platform, printable resources. The solution mix offered further includes mobile elearning, microlearning, interactive PDFs, and gamification of assessments.