Blending your program

Putting many faces
to your one training

Expert instructional design teams use our task analysis template to sift the wheat from the chaff, the location of learning from that of performance, and the availability of devices to time of need. Extend your outreach by optimizing training delivery across platforms and multiple-devices and with a concerted focus of performance goals. From going mobile to virtual to games and apps, our expert team will guide you to achieving your training goals. Work with us and soon discover the science behind our craft, the ownership of our teams, and the commitment to your goals.


We don’t mix
we match goals.

Blending learning curriculums is not about mixing devices; it’s about optimally achieving your learning goals. Trust experts at 42 Design Square to oversell effective methods even if they are low tech or undersell hi tech methods if learning goals aren’t pretty. And, expect cannon fire from all directions if the learning goals are critical. Task analysis experts evaluate learning goals on parameters such as criticality, difficulty, frequency and standardization. Learning solutions achieve the best possible outcome given the availability of devices and tools.


Beyond the
thumb rule

Jump-start performance by just in time Over the last couple of years, new usability guidelines have emerged for touch interfaces; new challenges require newer design principles. Our robust testing labs rely not on mockups but intensive on-the-device testing to create the best experience for users. From preventing accidental touch navigation to easy layouts with error-free hotspot distances to defining thumb circumnavigation and content layering on swipe or scroll. Create easy on your mind training experiences with complex backend but a simple, light, and elegant front-end.


Big message on
small screens

Work with our highly-experienced team of writers and editors to craft layered messages. Our interaction design team will help move your training text to the training context with appropriately small chunks of information and visualization of information. Our writers will script unique learning experiences based on the Context-Response-Feedback paradigm-be it for scenario-based learning that requires decision making or gamification that requires immediate consequences. Work with our scripting team to ensure high response-specific feedback on touch devices that layers your training content to jump beyond the constraints of the device.