Gamification for Any Compliance Training

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What do we know about compliance training, regulatory training? Apart from being mandatory, not having effective safety and compliance training has huge human, financial, and legal costs. For business organizations and for employees, it can be more than just mandatory; it can be an opportunity for reiterative and engaging elearning using the gamification approach.

Are you tired of the dispensation model of compliance and regulatory training…where you do it just because you need to do it?

Here’s how you could design and develop high impact regulatory and compliance elearning: Take a look at this award-winning safety game developed using Articulate Storyline that focuses on the mission critical objective of eliminating ignorance of step and touch potential hazard in the power sector work environment.

Nine Lives of Electra: A Safety Game

Nine Lives of Electra: A Safety Game elearning

Why Gamification?

It is difficult to simulate the consequence of electrocution for its sheer negative connotation of life or limb lost. Gamification can then be used as sweetener for the bitter pill of learning the consequences of step and touch potential hazards. The demo uses the Lives Saved/Lives Lost dilemma as a credit/budget system to power learning through hazard scenarios.

Gamification game-based elearning


The learning graphic interface recreates scenarios wherein the user interacts with images, identifies with work situations, and transfers learning to the job. Mistakes can be costly: this reiterative game leverages the get-it-correct-the-first-time requirement to save lives of Electra, a cat.  The demo uses tactile interactions where learners actively interact with concrete imagery to simulate real life experiences. Try it on your touch devices!

Gamification game-based elearning

Some Articulate Storyline 2 features innovatively used by our Storyline developers:

  • Object states
  • Motion paths
  • Triggers
  • Variables
  • Layers
  • Feedback master

Similar game-based and gamification elearning experiences can be designed for all or most compliance and regulatory training. Be it OSHA, FDA, or HIPPA regulations; Gamification can help elevate your compliance training into reiterative games that deliver results and encourage employee engagement.

P.S. This demo incidentally also won the Best in Class award for Training Category  at the International Multimedia Awards, 2015.

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