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This post revolves around the How to Drink and Not Drive game-based elearning demo created using Articulate Storyline 2.

This is an Articulate Storyline game-based elearning demo that MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) would be proud of! Drinking and driving don’t mix; all of us are aware of its undesirability, illegality and criminality. Can elearning help? Maybe elearning can’t stop the irresponsible from drinking and driving, but it can definitely create a cognitive recognition of factors involved.

  • The type of drink
  • The number of drinks
  • The changing legal/health status mapped to level of alcohol
  • The real-time impact of alcohol on driving
  • The way things are likely to go in ideal and not-so-ideal circumstances

Click the image to view the demo.

game-based elearning storyline

Feast yourself on the real-time interactive design of this elearning demo. View it on touch devices like ipads/tablets…have fun and drink responsibly.

Game-based elearning principle 1: Consequences of action

  • At all times, the instructional design focuses on consequences of drinking
  • Each drink is mapped to its alcohol potency
  • Breath analyzer meter records the alcohol level changes
  • Driving behavior exhibits corresponding changes

Game-based elearning principle 2: Safe environment to play

  • Superman’s on your side (most of the time)…YAY
  • It’s elearning and you can drink as much as you want…Double YAAAAY
  • Even if you crash and you can re-start again…YIPEEEEEEEE

game-based elearning storyline

Game-based elearning principle 3: Deliver message without being preachy

  • Reiterative messages abound and the voiceover plays the devil’s advocate
  • User is never really forced to stop drinking but warned all along
  • Elearning seeks to cultivate responsible habits

Game-based elearning principle 4: The right way to do things

  • The right way may be boring but keeps you alive to drink again
  • The wrong way can be painful, costly, and dangerous
  • You can have fun because it’s just an elearning demo

Articulate Storyline 2 Features used:

  • Hundreds of triggers
  • Tons of variables
  • A few motion paths
  • Some tricks
  • No drinks…ahem!

The demo highlights the possibility of game-based micro-elearning, when learning objectives are critical enough to require intensive interactions with real-time audio and visual feedback.

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