Bold and highly motivated
designers with
multi-disciplinary expertise
focussed and engaged in
creating extraordinary impact
on training goals.

As we grow, we remain constantly committed and consistently strive to deliver the best learning experience. Our core competency lies in providing innovative performance-centric custom e-learning and rapid e-learning solutions using learner-centric media and technology.

The 42 Design Square team includes highly experienced performance consultants, instructional designers, usability experts, e-learning media developers, graphic designers, and web designers. Our cutting-edge instructional design solutions leverage the best of processes, technolgies, and tools in the market.


Let the
Cloud be your

Devices changed, communication changed, and so did our team. In a bid to work anytime, anywhere, the 42 Design Square team is heavily invested in leveraging cloud infrastructure and the best of virtual communication tools.

Why? The team loves to work on the go and believes in harmony across diversities, and working in unison.
What can you look forward to? Work with an hyper-connected team, well-adapted to a slew of communication tools, which walks, runs, and works with you all the time you need it by your side. Get used to extraordinarily high and fast responses to your communication requests and needs. Leverage our expertise in collaboration and productivity tools to get you on-board as we design extraordinary learning experiences and help you succeed in achieving your training goals. Work with a solid, well-integrated, multi-skilled, diverse team that keeps growing as we grow.


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